Nantmeal Nursery

Our Mission


Growing our community

Today's horticulture is about so much more than just growing plants. It's about growing people and tending to our greater social garden, the community.


Socially therapeutic horticulture

Socially Therapeutic Horticulture involves gardening activities that are designed with personal benefits in mind, such as improved quality of life, memory, sense of accomplishment, fine and gross motor skills, social interaction, and reduced stress and anxiety.



Education in urban container gardening focuses on learning about seeding and plant propagation, composting, soil mixes, growing flowers, herbs, fruits and veggies, equipment safety and use, and biological/biodynamic practices.



Nantmeal Nursery is a professional service that uses all these skills, together with the capacity of a plant nursery and greenhouse, to deliver seasonal container patio gardens to customers over a 24-week growing season.


Camphill Soltane

Nantmeal Nursery is a social enterprise of Camphill Soltane, a non-profit organization, a member of the international Camphill Movement, and a community of people and organizations developing resources and facilitating diverse opportunities in order to cultivate social renewal. Soltane integrates adults with intellectual disabilities and autism into our initiatives with the intention to support an individual’s connection with oneself and others in the world. Nantmeal Nursery will allow Camphill Soltane to develop and practice helpful horticulture for years to come.

Other social enterprises include the Soltane Café, Community Arts Phoenixville, Sol Kitchen, and Entwine.